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As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, you may find that it takes longer than usual to get in touch with us.

We are still working hard to get to you as soon as we can and hope that the information below answers some of your questions.

Registration of Homesearch forms

Due to a high number of forms received during lockdown, it is taking approximately 20 working days to register new forms and changes of circumstances, when all information has been provided on the registration form. Where possible, please wait until you receive your letter confirming that your form has been registered before contacting us with any questions.

Telephone call response

We are experiencing a high volume of calls at the moment and there may be a delay in answering your call. If your enquiry is urgent, please continue to contact us by phone.

Email responses

For any non urgent enquiries, please email us at It may currently take up to 15 working days to respond to email enquiries.

Viewing properties that you have been offered

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak we have more empty properties than usual, as a result it is taking us longer to arrange viewings of these properties. If you have been offered a property with WDH, please do not contact us, a member of Homesearch will contact you when the property is ready. If you are likely to become homeless in the near future, you can contact Wakefield Council on 01924 304360 for advice.

Thank you for your continued patience at this time.

Property Preferences

Please Note - The following properties have been added to this week's advertising cycle, and will be available for expressions of interest until the current cycle closes on Wednesday.

You can view all the properties from WDH and other Registered Social Housing Organisations that are available this week. However, you can only make an expression of interest when you have logged in.

To ensure that you don't waste your expressions of interest, once you have logged in you will only see the properties that match your eligibility criteria. You can make up to three expressions of interest per week in these properties.

Please ensure that you only express an interest in properties you wish to live in. WDH will suspend your membership if you refuse two reasonable offers of accommodation within a twelve month period.

Please note that from April 2013 if you claim Housing Benefit and you are of working age, your Housing Benefit will be reduced by the Council if they decide your home has too many bedrooms for your needs. This is due to a change in Government rules on Housing Benefit. The rules will assume couples and single adults aged 16 or over need their own bedroom. For children who live in the property full time:

  • Two boys or two girls aged under 16 will be assumed to share a bedroom,
  • as will a boy and girl both aged under 10.
  • No exceptions are made if you need an extra bedroom due to disabilities, for foster children, or a child who does not live full time in the property.

If this could apply to you, please think carefully about whether you could afford to pay the rent on the properties you express an interest in once any deduction to Housing Benefit has been made. It is a condition of our tenancy agreements that you pay your rent and other charges, and failure to do this could lead to you losing your home.

If you need to clarify if a property could be classed as too big for your needs, please contact the Homesearch team for advice on 0344 9 02 02 02, or use the feedback form. Further information on the Bedroom Tax can be found in the housing benefit changes leaflet for tenants.